AML & gambling compliance specialists


AML/CTF training (customised by industry sector) - Introduction to money laundering; Placement techniques; Layering techniques; Integration techniques; Introduction to terrorism financing; Enrolling with AUSTRAC; Remittance provider registration; Know your customer; AML/CTF reporting obligations; AML/CTF programs; Overview of the AUSTRAC supervisory levy; and Overview of the AML/CTF Act.

AML/CTF Risk Assessment - provide expert services to enable compliant AML/CTF risk assessments - we have extensive experience with ISO/IEC31000 and IEC31010 (and earlier versions of AS/NZS 4360).

Develop AML/CTF Program - provide expert services to develop compliant Part A of the AML/CTF Program, including: Conducting a ML/TF risk assessment; Employee due diligence; Approval and oversight by board and management; Appointing an AML/CTF compliance officer; Regular independent review of Part A; AUSTRAC feedback; Permanent establishments in foreign countries; Reporting obligations; Ongoing customer due diligence (OCDD); and Part B (customer identification).

Regular independent review - undertake expert regular independent reviews.

External auditor - should AUSTRAC direct your business to appoint an external auditor, then AML Governance Associates can provide an AUSTRAC approved external auditor.

Industry specialisation - our consultants have decades of experience and are recognised as world experts in the gambling industries (casinos, sports betting, bookmakers, totalizators, and gaming machines).

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